Photopuma is: creative free time photography.

The digital revolution made it easyer to improve our technical skills, but also opened up a new world of creative possibility's to explore.

Software applications can be used to to manipulate images from an artistic point of view, and develop your own imaging style. Photographic purists may not like it, but for me it's the final result that counts, and I consider post-processing as an essential part of my total workflow.
Also, doing studio portraits gives great possibility's to manipulate the scene, the light, and to experiment with all sorts of decoration materials.

According to studio portraits I feel inspired by the beautiful combination of light and shadow in some historical paintings. Experimentally I sometimes paint/design my own studio-walls, which contributes to a 'painty atmosphere' in some of my portraits. Thus photography becomes part of a larger process of creative expression.
Beside that, as you may have seen, I also like to go 'where the action is', and do festivals and entertainment, combining photography with recreation. Great fun!


Feel free to contact me for more info about photoshoots, or just 'to say hi'!


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